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Tuesday February 27
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Teachers report experiencing more challenging behaviors in their classrooms than ever before. Much of that behavior can be attributed to the stress that children are feeling as a result of traumatic events and adverse experiences. While the impact of trauma is not always visible to the eye, its effects are far reaching and have serious consequences, particularly where there is an absence of a supportive and caring adult in their lives to help buffer the hurt and pain from these experiences. Teachers have a unique opportunity to be that supportive, caring adult in a child’s life. This session will provide a deeper understanding of varied and common traumatic events children experience, their impact on children’s developing brains and behaviors, and will equip teachers and administrators  with adopting a trauma-informed approach in schools that will help children feel safe, increase their feelings of belonging, and build their confidence in who they are and their ability to learn. 
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Trauma & Kids: Help Me Understand 2/27/18:
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